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Choosing the study abroad program that’s right for you can be a difficult task. With so many cookie-cutter type of experiences offered through the web, how could anyone possibly know where to go or what program to choose?

Alas we have Soulstainbable, a company dedicated to helping you take your passions and turn them into a force for positive change. I first traveled with the Soul-team in 2014 when I decided to book a trip to Ecuador. My goal was to actualize my lifelong dream of going to the Amazon (and get college credit to do it). While I knew I was in for some breathtaking landscapes and a memorable experience, I didn’t expect to make lifelong friends or find what would eventually become my passion in life.

What makes Soulstainable different from other companies is their mission to leave the people and places that they travel to better than when they found them. With this heart centered approach you don’t arrive at your destination as just another foreigner or in my case, gringo. Instead you walk into communities that welcome you into their lives and cultures with open arms. They rejoice at the site of new students, knowing that you showing up as what Soulstainable calls an agent of change.

Nine years later, I look back at this experience and realize that the other really unique part of this program is being able to take your education beyond the confines of the classroom walls. We did our daily lessons hands-on in the jungle, reading books in tree houses, presenting lessons plans on the beach, and pushing our comfort zones in the mountains. Soulstainable taught me that learning can take place anywhere curiosity lingers. That any passion can be the catalyst to delivering change.

For those seeking a transformative experience for their study abroad program, look no further – you found it. Trust yourself in the process of choosing a different kind of education, you won’t regret it. In a world that feels on teetering edge of apocalypse this company is a breath of fresh air. If you’re not sure if this is the program for you think to yourself if the word adventure sturs something inside you. If the answer is yes you should take a deep dive into Soulstainable. Reach out to one of their program managers and rejoice in the fact that you too can make an impact simply by choosing to study in a different way.

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