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Today we bring you one of the most incredible places that Soulstainable visits. These rich landscapes reside on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. Croatia is a pluricentric Serbo-Croatian-speaking country (just about everyone speaks excellent English, though) situated on the Southeastern block of Europe tucked very nicely on the Adriatic sea. 

Our trips to Croatia consist of exploring this wonderful land through the lens of adventure. Climbing, Sea Kayaking, and hiking all around the Dalmatian coast, we travel with our fantastic partner, Peak, and paddle Croatia. 

Below we will dive into some beta on the best places we visit, intending to inspire you to take your adventure with the professionals in the field. Soulstainable! 

1: The old City of Split and Diocleatians Palace: 

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and a breathtaking city. Located on the Adriatic, the Greeks founded this city in 650 CE. Split is well known for the last pagan Roman Emperor Diocletian’s retirement palace, where the old city is today. The complicated and fascinating history gives split a unique and incredible feel. 

The city is built in symbiosis with nature as the whole western side of the city is inhabited by the Suma-Marjon park. Botanical Gardens, Joggins trails, and climbing alongside 15th-century Franciscan ruins add to a tremendous experience. Remember to explore Bene beach and get your dose of the Adriatic sea. 

Markets, art, cultural experiences, and plenty of incredible dining are found among Diocleatian’s palace walls. Split is an area to be not be missed; Soulstainable shows you the most intimate zones to explore! 

2: South Side of the Island of Hvar

There are a few hidden gems scattered about this fantastic island off the Dalmatian coast. Once again founded by the Greeks as a trade hub, this spot is known for its olive oil and particularly delicious Plavic Mali Wine vintage. 

The village we think of produces 3x the amount of wine attributed to its surrounding limestone cliffs, the Adriatic sea, and its southerly aspect, which give these grapes varietals the best quality of direct Mediterranean sunlight.

The excellent quality of limestone cliffs supports some of the best rock climbing in this area—Soulstainable partners with Clifbase to host these incredible climbing and multisport  experiences. Stunning cliffs rise straight out of the Adriatic and boast awesome sport climbing, not to mention the views!

The owner of this beautiful plot near the sea goes by the name of Miro, an eccentric Slavic character who is producing some of the world’s finest wine. Miro’s facility has been published in several wine-specific magazines, most recently Food & Wine; these vintages are delicious and of the highest quality. 

We are purposefully withholding the name of this village so you can join Soulstainable or fine these zones on your own! 

3: Hvar Town:

Situated on the southwest coast of Hvar island, this fortress-crowned town is an amazing spot to explore. The largest town on Hvar island, with around 4,000 citizens, is one of the most breathtaking areas on the Dalmatian coast. 

This important previously Venitian port is now known for its recreational activities, Summertime boating and festivals, and fantastic dining capped by the fortress guarding this port city. Heaps of things to do and explore. This jewel of Hvar has breathtaking views, stunning cultural opportunities, and many dips in the Adriatic Sea. 

4: Paklenica National Park

This imposing river canyon is near the port city of Zlarin and Stari Grad. This national park provides recreational opportunities from running the river, sea kayaking, and marvelous Multi-Pitch Sport Climbing, 

This location was believed to be first inhabited around the last ice age by prehistoric tribes and peoples. Changing hands of cultural leadership and lowly conquered by the Romans over the centuries, this site contains relics and artifacts from cultures once inhabited this area. 

Paklenica is one of the most biodiverse and ecologically rich places in Croatia. With around 102 bird species, birdwatching is becoming increasingly popular in this area. There are also plenty of mammals roaming around to round up the fauna experience of Paklenica. On top of that, the rich flora brings rich invertebrate ecosystems. 

There are several cabins, huts, and European alp-style refugios to host climbers and hikers a like. Certainly, an area to be explored if you enjoy the mountain lifestyle.

5: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is the de facto jewel of Croatia, and since Game of Thrones was filmed in this city, Dubrovnik has seen an incredible increase in tourism. 

The history of this city is rich and reaches into modern times. Once part of the many changing of cultures but most recently won back from Yugoslavia, Dubrovniks thick and sturdy walls have plenty of stories of the war and conquerors from Napolean to the Croats. Croatians’ war of independence brought extensive shelling to this old Ragusan City. 

Dubrovniks’ primary source of income has been tourism over the past decade, mainly due to HBO’s Game of thrones. 

The ecology of this city and its surroundings mirror those of most Mediterranean cities. Rich in aquatic wildlife, including migratory dolphins and birds, the surrounding hills offer plenty of flora and fauna for tourists and adventurers to behold. 


We at Soulstainable  think the best way to see this beautiful country is to explore it with our groups. We have the best contacts, and most rich experiences to share with you for one hell of a time. Join us in October 2023 as we have several trips dedicated towards the Dalmatian coast. 

Multi-sport Dalmatian Adventure: 

Climb, Kayak, and Wine! – Croatia: A multi-sport adventure! Although Croatia is often overlooked when it comes to adventure travel destinations. We can confirm that it’s an absolute gem. Flaunting its incredible landscapes and excellent quality of rock climbing, there’s no other way to describe it except stunning. That’s why we’re inviting you to join us as we explore these profoundly scenic natural areas and work on our sport climbing skills. Join us for an unforgettable expedition through one of Europe’s most incredible countries.

Dates: October 7-October 13

Trip Deposit: $250 – Full price $1649 + Add Ons 

Dalmatian Sport Climbing Workshop: 

Flaunting it’s of kind landscapes and excellent quality rock climbing, there’s no other way to describe Croatia except stunning. Incredible climbing sites, the beautiful beaches of central Dalmatia, incredible cuisine, fabulous wines, unique cultures, and kayaking around its islands. This magical landscape is a beacon for travelers to enjoy anything and everything at all at once. Join us for an unforgettable climbing expedition through one of Europe’s most exceptional countries.

Dates: October 14th -20th, 2023

Price: Trip Deposit – $250 // Base Price: $1649 + Add ons (See Itinerary) – Includes all breakfasts, First and Last night’s dinner, accommodation on Hvar Island, Transportation, All activities.

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