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The summer of 2022 opened up our eyes to how art can also be a catalyst for bettering people and places. We used art to raise thousands of dollars to stop deforestation on the other side of the hemisphere! This summer, we’re back at it and are hosting this program so students can continue to make art that will serve as a symbol for positive change. They’ll spend the week painting a 60’ x 18’ mural that will be displayed on the side of Dangerbird Records/AKP Recordings in downtown Silverlake. This program was created to help students find their artistic voices and tell powerful stories through art. We’ll unveil the finished mural at the end of the week and host another fundraiser to support our mission dedicating 100% of donations to worthy causes.

Dates: August 14-19, 2023

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10 % for the planet

All of our programs are set up to support our sustainable initiatives world wide. Whether it’s planting trees or providing access to clean drinking water – the money raised from this fund is quite literally spreading the roots for positive impact. Our programs and using adventure as a catalyst to bettering the people and places we visit along the way!

Indexed prices

At Soulstainable we believe that financial status shouldn’t be a barrier to opportunity. As a part of our commitment to equity in the outdoors we’re offering indexed rates for all of youth programs. Email for the payment option that’s right for your family!

The Project

Last year we dedicated the art piece we made to reforesting a critical habitat in the the Ecuadorian Andes. With the money we raised we were able to plant 600 trees in the Choco-Andino. This year we are are excited to announce that we’re expanding that project to help one the world’s bio-diversity hotspots become protected forest.

Support the cause HERE.

Course Description


This is a week-long program that is designed to highlight art as a catalyst to bettering people and places. Designed to teach students how to use their passions for positive change, we’ll spend the week making a large mural that will be displayed on the side of Dangerbird Records/AKP Recordings in downtown Silverlake. In support of the mural’s message, we’ll use host a fundraiser at the end to celebrate the art piece and raise money for good causes!

Our goal:

To create a piece of art that is beautiful and represents a deeper message. Connecting the younger generation with inspirational teachers and mentors in a positive, equitable manner.


August 14th – 19th 2022


This program is open to students with an earnest desire to create art! We’ll meet on site in Silverlake from 1pm – 5:00 PM daily. Students will  receive foundational art instructions and techniques from our resident muralist Eugene (Gene) O’Neill, before diving into mural creation. The art we create will act as a symbol for positive change, acting as a medium that impacts people and place through aesthetics and tangible change with our reforestation efforts in Ecuador. The idea is to allow the art to be able to have an impact near and far.


Eugene O’Neill has been shaping the development of creatives, local organizations and the youth for over a decade. Starting a screen-printing company (Made In Truth Clothing) during college allowed him to maintain balance between artistry, business and education. He is an Upstate NY native, using art as a mechanism for healing throughout the community, painting intentional spaces that inspire others and creating clothing that empowers them.

LeeMichael has been working with student groups for 12 years. He spent years as an Outward Bound and REI Outdoor School Instructor. He’ll be on this trip to teach the curriculum he has been developing with Soulstainable for the last 7 years. -Impact plans, a framework to leave people and place better than you found it.

Certified First Responder.

Beatriz Lagunas or Tiz as we know her, has spent the last decade of her life dedicated to the students of the Eastern Los Angeles area. Known for her bright spirit and master communication skills, Tiz will assist us in making sure that students feel supported and stay on task. As our LA native, she’ll help us make sure the mural has an authentic impact and has elements true to the people and place we’re painting!

Cost: $449
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This mural was created to use art as a catalyst for positive change within a community and environment. The program itself is sponsored by Soulstainable – behind our mission to use our programs to leave people and places better than we found them.

Last year we were looking inward to grow upward. Just as the seed represents – growth happens in two directions. Spreading roots into soil, reaching ever upwards towards the sun. Just as human beings must learn to be at peace within themselves to have outward success. We strive to encourage students to create this multi-directional approach to growth through what they love to do, and in this case – make art.

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Soulstainable Art Camp

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