Ecuador: Yoga, surf, and Chocolate!


Balance Studio Retreat – March is an excellent time to hit the beach in the southern hemisphere. Join us for sun, sand, yoga, waves, and Chocolate! This trip takes us to the Esmeralda coast of Ecuador, where we explore the mind and body during yoga and surfing with local and Soulstainable instructors. The group also adventures into the jungle to learn about the mysticism of the forest and the Cacao plant surrounding the Hacienda Mama Cocha.

Dates: March 14-22, 2023

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10% for the planet

All of our programs are set up to support our sustainability initiatives worldwide. Whether it’s planting trees or providing access to clean drinking water, the money raised from this fund literally spreads the roots for positive impact. Our programs and using adventure as a catalyst to better the people and places we visit along the way!

Making an impact

Our programs take an in-depth look at communities and environments that are in harmony with nature’s circular economy. Studying the relationship of what we consider to be the three pillars of place (economy, ecology, & culture). The pillars shed light on how humans can better cooperate on a large scale simply by working closely with their environment – in a regenerative, circular manner.

Agua limpia

We’ll make a deliberate effort to make sure that each community and location we visit benefits from our presence. To support this idea we’ll continue our project from 2016 by donating drinking water stations to the community of Mompiche.

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Expedition Itinerary:
Dates: March 14- March 22

Day 1: Arrival in Cumbaya

  • Accommodations and transfers are all set and ready. Soulstainable will ensure you have all the appropriate meeting points if you are already in-country. For those of you getting in late, we’ll stay up and welcome you in!

Day 2: Exploring Cumbaya

  • Wake up in the lovely Cumbaya valley and enjoy breakfast while we meet the guides and crew. An early morning yoga session at Casa Del Sol will be an excellent start to the day.
  • After breakfast, we depart to enjoy Quito via a cultural tour. This walkabout highlights the colonial city, a great place to catch a glimpse of the hustle and bustle of the Andean culture.
  • After a busy day exploring, we head back to Cumbaya further to develop our collective and personal intentions for this expedition.

Day 3: Off to Mompiche!

  • We’ll rise early and get packed up for the road down to the coast. It is a moderate but fruitful journey with a private driver and plenty of stops to enjoy the many ecological and cultural highlights heading down to the Esmereldan coast.
  • Upon arrival, we will unwind with a beach yoga session and a dip in the temperate waters of the pacific.
  • A massive dinner with our host, Ari at Oleaje, will lead us to a well-deserved sleep with dreams of chocolate, yoga, and waves!

Day 4: Surf and Chocolate!

  • The first thing is first with a solid session of yoga to start the day. Yoga is followed by surfing lessons with La Pena surf school. We dive into the water and get introduced to this exceptional area.
  • After Lunch and a siesta, the group heads up to the farm to take a tour of Mama Cocha and learn about the history, culture, and art behind making chocolate from its source…the Cacao tree!
  • The group spends the afternoon watching the sunset on the farm and exploring this magical place.
  • We mosey back down to the puebla and enjoy an evening yoga session and a magnificent dinner at Oleaje.

Day 5: Project Agua Limpia!

  • After an early Yoga session and a hearty breakfast, the group cruises to the school to build and teach students and teachers about project Agua Limpa and our water filters.
  • Today truly is a special day helping give back to the communities in which we enjoy. The goal is to impact the communities and environments we visit positively. This is usually followed by a pickup soccer match with the local groms in the school.
  • In the evening, we will do a beach walkabout, complete with a yoga session

Day 6: Surf and Chocolate.

  • Wake up and enjoy some good coffee and breakfast. After our customary yoga flow, the group will partake in our second surf lesson of the trip. We work on skills from the first lesson and hopefully grab our first green wave!
  • The squad will enjoy the beach while we relax and frolic! What a special time!
  • In the late afternoon, we will make chocolate and have a Mompiche BBQ Party at Oleaje…Classic beach party set up!

Day 7: Up into the Cloud forest!

  • Wake up for our final morning in Mompiche. We embark on a yoga session and enjoy the morning on the beach.
  • We travel part way back to Quito and stop in a lovely town called Mindo, where we will check into Hotel Bamboo and wind down from the energy of the Esmeralda Coast.
  • Tonight we will partake in a discussion and debrief of our projects quantifying our travel objectives.
  • We end with a lovely dinner in the village.

Day 8: Spa Day in Mindo

  • Spa day: Today is about self-care. After our scheduled yoga flow, we take a short ride to the Seven Waterfall walk and take in the essence of the cloud forest. The squad walks, searching for all types of critters! Indeed a special time in the forest.
  • After a pleasant lunch in the town, we head to the Spa! There are several options to choose from at Mandragora Spa. We spend the afternoon at Mandragora pampering ourselves after this truly epic adventure in this wonderful part of the world.
  • This evening we relax in the temperate forest and enjoy an excellent meal in town over a bottle of Mendoza.

Day 9: A Journey home

  • For the Birds: On our final day, the squad departs to the bird sanctuary early so we can get the best sightings.
  • Mindo is home to the most densely populated area of endemic birds on the planet.
  • After lunch, the group heads back to Cumbaya for an evening yin session and dinner in the city. The trip is officially over the following day.
  • Whether you have plans to depart late on the evening of the 9th or the following day, we say fond farewells and move on to the next journey.

Introductory Package Price: $2,499.00

Basic Package Includes:

This trip includes private yoga and surfing lessons with guides and instructors included. Historical city tour of Quito, Tours of the cacao farm and facilities, chocolate tastings, and chocolate to bring home!

Includes two nights in Mindo, we will explore the cloud forest, and an optional spa day before returning to Quito.

All transportation while in the field is included in the trip cost. This starts as soon as you arrive at our first night of accommodation until we schedule a drop-off in Quito at the end of the trip!

All accommodation is included in the trip cost.

Soulstainable will provide all meals while in the field. Guests will also have access to a kitchen throughout their stay in Mompiche.

We can accommodate Vegetarians, but accommodating vegans is a challenge. We kindly ask that if you are vegan, you come prepared with food (We will have opportunities to go to the grocery in Quito) so that you are

Equipment Included:
All surfing gear
Gear for jungle/ farm tours.
Guides: All guides and activities are included in the price

What is not included:
Flights are not included
Transfers to and from the airport are not included but can be set up for ya!
Spa Services and packages
Yoga mat!
A clothing and equipment list will be sent!



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