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Travel, meet inspiring people, connect with unique landscapes and make an impact.

What will be your catalyst to impact?

Brooke Walsh

Jut did my first soulstainable course - 10/10 would recommend!!!!

Robert Pires

Just sent my kiddo to the Soulstainable art camp. WOW! is all I have to say. What a piece of art, what a crew of people, and what a joy it's been to drop my kid off with them!

Patricia Vieira

I've been sending my daughter to camp with the Soulstainable team for the last three years. It's her highlight of the summer and we're huge supporters of Austy and LM!

Beatriz Lagunas

Soulstainable Croatia surpassed all of my expectations. The food, the landscapes, the ROCK CLIMBING. It was really a trip of a lifetime. I cannot wait to go back 🙂


I have sent both my sons on Soulstainable trips. These are the kind of programs the world needs more of! Love you guys, keep up the good work


I've now gone on three Soulstainable programs. Each one has been the perfect mix of adventure, education, and impact. It feel really special to get college credit to do something meaningful.

See y'all this summer for Croatia!!!

Jason Feldman

My trip to Ecuador could not have been more fun! Teaming up with Soulstainable, getting to climb in a cloud forest, planting over 60 trees in one day (hello contribution!). It was a DREAM trip. Cant wait to go back

We know,
before making the big decision you need to trust the right people.


Let’s see If we share the same vision

Travel With a purpose

Soulstainable works closely with remote communities and their environment – in a regenerative sustainable manner. Our programs take an in-depth look at how people and landscapes can act in harmony with what we call nature’s circular economy.

Find your Flow

The best way to come to know a new a place is to adventure with the locals. Run, climb, hike, surf, explore. We believe that these experiences can lead to human connection and a healthier planet.

Pay It Forward

We believe in combining a really good time with altruism.
It is our sincerest hope, that all of our trips create a positive impact on the places and people we interact with along the way

We go beyond

It’s not only about traveling, having fun, or learning something new. Our mission is to inspire others to use what they love as the reason they take action. Let us help you use your passions to be catalyst to positive change.

How it started – Where we’re going


Soulstainable was founded in 2014, behind the idea that any adventure can create a positive change. Over the years we’ve been able to steer that vision towards community projects that are making a difference in quality of life and ecological sustainability.


Our first Beyond Boarders trip. We were able to donate surfboards, school supplies, and water filters to a community in the Esmeralda Province, Ecuador.

We teamed up with Guiding Light Orphans to help support local health clinics in rural Uganda. We were able to provide much needed resources for underserved communities in more remote areas of the country.


We hosted our Agua Limpia Campaign in Ecuador. We teamed up with Sawyer, to deliver water filters to local schools and health clinics.


As part of an earthquake relief effort, we ran a trip with Western State Colorado University. During this expedition we delivered school and first aid supplies, water filters, surfboards, recreational equipment and built a retaining wall to keep a school from flooding.


We started our work with local San Diego company Rerip. Together we cohosted a project to repurpose used surfboards with underserved youth.


Was the biggest project to date. Soulstainable lead a reforestation project, removing invasive species (bamboo) from critical wildlife habitat and re-planting more than 100 native trees in the affected area.


2020 was a challenging year for adventure travel. With the pandemic causing soulstainable to put trips on pause – we were able to use this time to dream and create.


Our 2021 calendar year was highlighted by our largest reforestation efforts to date. We planted 100’s of native tree species to help combat land erosion while implementing a “living fence” line that signifies the boundary to the land we’re trying to preserve.


This year, 2022 brought us an opportunity to expand our mission. For years we were operating under the idea that adventure could be the catalyst to bettering people and places. This project allowed us to realize art could also be a change maker. So, we created a free program for students looking to find their artistic voices and create a piece of art that had the potential to better community and environment. This seven day program allowed us to create 60’ mural on the side of Sunset Blvd. that celebrated impact, education, and full circle learning opportunities.

Help us make a more Soulstainable planet.

Join one of our programs so we continue making an impact on communities and ecosystems around the world!